Thursday, January 26, 2017

Randy Johnson Builder - Roofing Specialists in Shreveport, Louisiana

John Fertitta has an award-winning history in sales and works as the owner and manager of Fertitta's Properties - Randy Johnson Builder, a roofing insurance specialist in Shreveport, Louisiana. In this role, John Fertitta inspects and files commercial, industrial, and residential roofing insurance claims.

The work done by professionals like John Fertitta have made Randy Johnson Builder a recognized source for roofing needs in the Shreveport area. Randy Johnson Builder works in all aspects of roofing, including installations, repairs, and warranties.

The company offers free estimates and employs a thoroughly trained staff. By explaining the details of the roof installation or repair, Randy Johnson Builder keeps its customers informed and engaged during the job.

In the event of damage done by wear or weather, the company's goal is to repair an existing roof whenever possible rather than recommend a new installation. Randy Johnson Builder can also assist with the insurance claims process. A liaison like John Fertitta can streamline the communication between the roofing corporation, the insurance company, and the customer.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Insurers Become More Restrictive on Homes with Older Roofs

John Fertitta graduated from Johnson and Wales University magna cum laude with a BS in food and hospitality management. Currently employed as a roofing insurance specialist with Randy Johnson Builders, John Fertitta functions as a liaison between the insurance company, the roofer, and the customer.

In an effort to avoid excessive insurance claims, many insurers are restricting coverage to homes with damaged or structurally unsound roofs, because a leaky roof can lead to further damage inside the dwelling. In fact, homeowner policies on houses older than 20 years may be ineligible for renewal without passing a roof inspection.

Other insurance companies won’t insure a house at all if the roof is older than 20 years and if older roofs are insured, the insurer will only reimburse the customer for the prorated value of the older roof rather than the replacement value. Insurance specialists believe that a roof of this age has a compromised membrane, and therefore, there may be unseen problems such as moisture infiltration.